Project Initiatives

Taking back the border initiative

Jun 20 2021 Clarus Visum Consulting Services and group created a book directed to local U.S. / Mexico border county / city government. Title: Local Government Guide to Border Security – Taking back the border.

Taking back the border

Local Government Guide to Border Security.

Taking back the border Amazon ISBN 9798500086723.

click image for condense version of book.

Virtual Zip code initiative

July 12 2021 DFW company offered Virtual Zip Code concept to expand their economic development impact of their project.

I-30 North initiative

Sept 6 2021 CVCSUSA initiated I-30 North vision. Does Texas need a northern east to west interstate highway that connects northern cities and terminal points of two existing interstate highways? We see that it does and allow smaller rural northern towns and cities expand their economic horizons especially with a highspeed technology driven transportation corridor.