I-30 North

I-30 North

Does Texas need a new northern interstate highway?

Interstate I-30 between Texarkana and El Paso is a busy interstate highway. Does Texas need a new interstate highway to bypass a busy Dallas Forth Worth metroplex to reduce truck traffic? Texas is growing fast and a new interstate can tap into growing northern communities.


It begins in Texarkana TX and passes through

Paris Tx

Sherman TX

Gainesville TX

Wichita Falls TX

Lubbock TX

From there, it could go through Las Cruces NM or El Paso TX

Optionally to San Antonio NM

This will be a modern transportation corridor, not just an interstate highway so what does that mean? Private companies will build and pay some portions of a split four lane highway as an example. Private companies will use this new corridor as a relay to shuttle goods. New technology road development and open concept for other long distant infrastructure.

Why would a private company pay to build a split highway and not collect tolls? Why would private companies build relays to shuttle goods? Because we will provide innovation to a highway system so it becomes a transportation system.

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I-30 North in a map

This is a proposed map which currently has no governmental agency backing. It is an aspirational project to bring an east – west interstate highway to rural northern towns and cities.

Texas is dominated by big cities where most interstate travel takes place yet a northern east – west interstate highway can be a great economic boost to the northern region which can alleviate the Dallas / Forth Worth region of east – west traffic on I-30 coming through Texarkana TX.