About bordercommerce.com

We are the only ones

Whom have spoken out for border barriers based on economic development.

It is about an alternative

Principals with bordercommerce.com will bring an alternative to a border fence. It is urban border barriers for civic and public use. It is frontier barriers to protect the borderland. It is circle walls to protect precious physical assets on the border.

Forging the future

Our goal is to create available options to address border barriers along the U.S. / Mexico border. Gone are the days where a border wall is the only option. Mitigation of the border means various ways to address problems associated with illegal crossing of the U.S. / Mexico border.

We have laid down concepts and ideas for the future. We have published our 2nd edition book. We have discussed concepts that do not exist anywhere else. We have stitched current concepts and science to develop applicable uses along the U.S / Mexico border. We will continue to expand on the ideas and concepts that relate to border security based on economic development of the borderland.


The principals of this website have worked over 12 years on this idea of secure borders based on economic development and human occupation. Where there are people doing the ordinary things in life and with their families, then there is security. Security does not exist in a vacuum where there is no people. Bring people to the borderland as real border security.