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Economic Barriers. Equitable. Resiliency and Mitigation

Build urban barriers that places people on the border. That is real security.

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There is an alternative to building urban border fences. Build urban barriers based on basic economic development. partners have over a 10 year effort arrived at a practical solution to urban border development. It is called mitigation. Treat urban threats over an urban border as a mitigation problem just like floods and hurricanes.

Learn more about what this type of urban border barrier of the future should look like.

Advocate for border barriers

These are economically based urban border barriers that people use every day for work, transportation or recreation.

Define border terms

There is the rural and urban border. The frontier border. Circle, urban, and rural border barriers. Economic desert currently along the urban borders.

Border security

Security is built around people. Border security is people using the urban border for their economic use by creating barriers which people occupy.

Below are simple icon symbols that represent three type of barriers that we promote.